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Air-Powered Data Module Overview

In-Well Fluid Level Reading, Pulse Counter and Air Pressure information at the wellhead.

Air-Powered Data Module

The QED AutoPump Data Module is a water-resistant enclosure that protects and shields surface instrumentation from weather and/or harsh site conditions while providing easy access, via a see-through window, to key system instrumentation readings.

The AutoPump Data Module is available in many configurations to satisfy site specific needs. The options available for inclusion inside the NEMA 3R enclosure are a filter/regulator, pump cycle counter, level sensor regulator & gauge with air flow meter, a fluid level indicator with an On/Off switch, an Air Inlet Supply Gauge, and a Vacuum/Pressure Reference with Gauge.

pdfAPDM AutoPump Data Module Manual1.44 MB

Air-Powered Data Module Advantages

  • Fully pneumatic.
  • Enables operator to take reads of the fluid levels in the well without opening the riser.
  • Pulse Counter totalizes the number of cycles of the leachate and/or condensate pump.
  • Mountable weather-proof enclosure with clear-view window.
  • Customizable.