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Cycle Counter Overview

Cycle Counters

Air pulse counter for positive displacement pumps

The Cycle Counter detects and displays each AutoPump cycle via the pulse of air that occurs in the air supply line. Since the liquid volume delivered by each pump cycle is relatively consistent for a given well condition, the total liquid volume delivered can be monitored with these cycle counts.

An important advantage of the Cycle Counter method is its long term reliability and low maintenance, since it requires no contact with the pumped fluid and no extra components in the liquid flow path.

Cycle Counters can also be ordered with an electronic pulse output to support automated flow data collection.



pdfPump Cycle Counter454.79 KB


pdf"Evaluating Hydrocarbon Removal from Source Zones and its Affects on Dissolved Plume Longevity and Concentration"5.57 MB

pdf"DNAPL Characterization Methods and Approaches, Part 1: Performance Comparisons"107.24 KB


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Pump Cycle Counter

Pump Cycle Counter Disassembly and Cleaning

  • Counts each pump cycle.
  • Does not contact the fluid - counts the pulses of air that occur in the air supply line.
  • Optional electronic pulse output.