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Easy Bolt™ - Overview

Easy BoltEasy Bolt

The Easy Bolt™ provides the function of conventional nuts and bolt sets, but uses a simple lever action instead of wrenches. The Easy Bolt fits through the flange bolt holes and is tightened by simply pushing the cam lever down. Easy Bolts are constructed of high quality stainless steels, with an investment cast lever.

QED’s New Easy Bolt lowers the cost of flange installation and removal

  • Faster
  • No Tools
  • No corrosion or galling failures

Do your field crews spend too much time and money on:

  • Removing nuts and bolts?
  • Sawing and replacing galvanized nuts and bolts that have corroded?
  • Sawing and replacing stainless steel nuts and bolts that have galled?

With Easy Bolt, you can forget the saws and wrenches

Easy Bolt Field Demonstration Video

If you are having trouble viewing the video, click here to view the Easy Bolt Field Demonstration Video.

Easy Bolt™ Advantages

  • No Tools Required
  • Investment Cast Ergonomic Handle, Designed for Maximum Force
  • Dissimilar Stainless Steels to Prevent Galling
  • Self-Locking, Over-Centered Cam Design
  • Self-Centering Swivel, Automatically Swivels into Position