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Liquid Level Measurement Options

easylevel measure options2Liquid Level Measurement Options:

Beyond indicating whether liquid levels exceed the chosen probe position, the Easy Level™ (U.S. Patent Number 8,756,991) can also provide a safe and easy measurement of the liquid height above the probe, even under vacuum or pressure conditions. The Easy Level Measurement option requires 2 components:

▼ Connection ports on the Easy Level, to connect to the pressure and reference sides of the indicator.

▼ A portable liquid level meter with connecting tubing, a low pressure air source, and a digital or analog gauge.

To measure the liquid level, the portable meter’s quick connect fittings are attached to the Easy Level indicator ports and the meter’s air source is then activated. The level meter displays the liquid depth over the probe, automatically compensated for pressure or vacuum condition above the liquid.

Easy Level Gauge (Model No. 40377)
A simple hand pump with an analog gauge capable of indicating liquid depths up to 16.7 ft.

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