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Slider™ Pump for Landfill Pumping | Overview

Slider Pump

The increased availability of special drilling equipment has caused more landfills and cleanup projects to appreciate the unique advantages of low-angle wells or risers where conventional vertical wells are inefficient or impossible to use.

Sloped landfill risers for leachate and/or landfill gas allow wellhead installations and other equipment to be placed outside landfill cells, not in the middle of them. This protects headers and other equipment and facilitates normal landfill operations.

QED Slider™ pumps provide the answer. They are especially suited for tough landfill duty, providing excellent resistance to sediment clogging and solvent attack. Slider pumps are operated by QED's standard Pulse Link® Controller Modules.



Slider Pump



SliderTM Pump Advantages

  • 100% air-powered operation.
  • Flow rates up to 3,000 gpd - (11.3 m3/d) at any angle.
  • Tapered ends make installation easy.