Welcome to the QED Web-based Air Stripper Model.

Use this application to select an air stripper for your application. Please provide us with feedback at: info@qedenv.com

Here is how you use the model:

  1. Select the way you want the contaminants to be sorted (alphabetic or by Henry's constant) on this page and then hit the Run Model button.
  2. Select the units (metric or english) that you wish to use for data input and reporting and check all the contaminants you wish to model. Hit the Next button.
  3. Enter the required data and the contaminant levels required. Hit the Next button.
  4. View the output report. Use your browser's back button to change conditions and re-model.

Note: a copy of your model run will be e-mailed to QED each time you use this model. We will use this data for internal tracking of model use and product interest only. We will not share your e-mail address with any other company without your permission.
- Contaminants Listed Alphabetically - or - - Contaminants Listed by Ease of Stripping