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Using Air Strippers for Drinking Water Clean-up

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QED’s low-profile E-Z Tray® Air Strippers are quickly becoming the treatment option of choice to successfully and reliably remove contaminants from drinking water supplies due to their ease of use and implementation. Why are they becoming so popular:

1. All air strippers are designed for a 99% removal efficiency or greater for many VOCs found in drinking water.

2. The E-Z Tray is competitively priced with other air stripping treatment technologies in both capital expenditure and O&M costs.

3. The low profile of an E-Z Tray Air Strippers means most units can be placed against a wall or in a corner, saving valuable building space.

4. The easy-to-access, slide-out trays mean an E-Z Tray is safe and easy to maintain by one person.

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The Online Modeler

The exclusive QED Online Air Stripper Performance Modeler has been developed to assist you in selecting the most efficient air stripping package for treating your drinking water project.

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The only self-contained Air Stripper certified by NSF

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QED Air Strippers in WaterWolrd

QED E-Z Tray Air Strippers were recently featured in WaterWorld magazine. Read the original article:

pdf"Effective Drinking Water Cleanup Using Air Stripping Technology"522.31 KB

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How are QED E-Z Tray Air Strippers being utilized?

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Removing VOCs from drinking water.

"For the given application, the most logical and cost effective groundwater treatment choices was low profile air strippers." -Matt Moughamian, McMillen, LLC, Project Manager

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Treating vinyl chloride from in drinking water.

"Competitive price was a factor in chosing E-Z Tray, But I like the whole process could be contructed indoors."-Tim Martin, Cedarburg Water Utility Supervisor

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Removing Chlorinated solvents from Superfund site.

"Packed towers traditionally would have been the air stripping method of choice, but the client was concerned about the ability of workers having easy access to maintain and clean the units."-Sydney, Australia Superfund Site

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Treating contaminated ballast water in Alaska.

"Temperature and contaminant loading extremes in treating ballast water, snowmelt, and rainfall."-Alaska, Oil Terminal

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Using air strippers for off-gas treatment

"This in an interesting case where the air stripper in not being used as the primary treatment method but to treat the off-gas. There was a major cost savings by including the E-Z Trays in the process stream."-Puerto Rico, Pharmaceutical Plant

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Cleaning up a gasoline spill in a residential area.

"The Sliding tray, compact design of E-Z Tray Air Strippers allowed a major petroleum company to install a large remediation system in a high-end residential neighborhood on Long Island."-New York, Residential Area