E-Z Trays at Hard-to-Access Site

E-Z Tray® (U.S. Patent Number 5,518,668) Air Strippers have always been known for their ease of access and cleaning, but for this special site, an old industrial building in Brooklyn, New York, they also had to be installed without the use of any heavy equipment. The site was using a competitor's air stripper on the second floor of an older building and the units had become very corroded. The site managers never liked the disassembly process of the old units for cleaning, so when it came time to upgrade, they installed E-Z Trays largely due to the easy, sliding tray access.

It became apparent during the planning stages that there was no way of getting full size E-Z Trays up onto the second-floor platform with a crane. QED offered a custom option where the air stripper would be constructed in three pieces on site. Each piece had handles installed on each side and weighed 750 pounds, but workers were able to carry the sections up two flights of stairs. QED supervised local welders in the assembly of the units to correct tolerances and at the level of quality that is consistent with E-Z Tray standards.

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