E-Z Trays Selected for Large Scale Project

A former industrial plant and top Superfund site in Sydney, Australia, had been in operation since the 1930s and contained chlorinated solvent contamination. Because of the size and scope of this project packed towers traditionally would have been the air stripping method of choice, but the client was concerned about the ability of workers having easy access to maintain and clean the units. They also wanted to lower the process water pH to 2.5-2.0 in order to keep fouling from occurring. Additional problems included a highly corrosive environment with a mixture of chlorides from breakdown products in the groundwater, other inorganic dissolved salts used to lower the pH levels, and extremely high temperatures.

The client chose trains of E-Z Tray® (U.S. Patent Number 5,518,668) Air Strippers organized in series (40 units total) to overcome all the site's challenges. This project required QED to fabricate the strippers from a very specialized 2205 stainless steel, obtained from a special mill run at a plant in Sweden. The material was air-freighted to the U.S. where the E-Z Tray units were fabricated and completed, using rigorous engineering process controls, high tolerances, certifications, and detailed drawings, all within a very aggressive project timeline. QED delivered these units ahead of schedule.

E-Z Tray Selected for Large Scale Project Australia Case Study

  • Large industrial chlorinated clean-up.
  • Strippers one component in a multi-unit / multi-phase process string.
  • EZ-Tray design allowed space saving stripper placement.
  • Strippers used in series for higher removal.
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