October 6, 2021


Groundwater sampling for Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances or “PFAS” is a topic that has generated more interest in our field of practice than any other topic in over three decades. Controlling sources of potential sample contamination for PFAS is more challenging than sampling for point source contaminants like fuels and solvents, as potential PFAS sources exist in commonly used supplies such as rain gear, sunscreen and insect repellent,  food packaging and more. Early research into sources of PFAS that could potentially contaminate samples has led to guidance documents and SOPs that recommend or require the elimination of all Teflon and other fluoropolymers from sampling supplies and materials, including sampling equipment such as bailers, pumps and tubing, and passive and no-purge samplers. Research on the presence of fluorine in commonly used materials and supplies continues, but questions persist on what the results of some research means on a practical basis and if sites will be faced with potentially expensive replacement of existing sampling equipment. Is there really a risk from all of these sources? Do we need to eliminate all of these items to avoid sample contamination?

In this webinar, David Kaminski with QED Environmental Systems will discuss the history of the early guidance documents and industry practice recommendations, the latest materials research, and what options existing today for sampling materials and equipment.   

•    Early PFAS sampling guidance and industry best practices recommendations
•    Why have we used Teflon for so long?
•    Is all Teflon bad for PFAS sampling?
•    Are the recommended alternatives to Teflon good options?
•    QED’s materials testing program and results to date
•    Addressing Teflon in existing sampling equipment – concerns and recommendations
•    Latest sampling equipment options for PFAS – pumps, tubing and passive samplers

The 40-minute presentation will be followed by a 15-minute Q&A session to answer your questions about PFAS sampling practices, materials options and more.

•    Groundwater Monitoring Program Managers
•    Groundwater Sampling Technicians
•    Environmental Engineers and Specialists
•    Regulatory Program Managers
•    Groundwater Sampling Contractors
•    Engineering Firms 
•    Hydrogeologists
Date: Wednesday, October 6
Time: 1:30 p.m. EDT
          45 minute presentation
          15 minute Q & A


David Kaminski is Senior Vice President of QED Environmental Systems and is a frequent presenter on groundwater sampling technology to organizations, universities, and regulatory agencies worldwide.  He has been awarded four U.S. patents for developing new devices and methods for groundwater sampling applications and is an instructor at the Princeton Groundwater Pollution & Hydrology course (www.princeton-groundwater.com). Over the past 34 years he has published several papers on groundwater sampling practices and sampling system design and has presented these topics at over a hundred conferences, seminars and field courses.
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