Flaring and venting systems are used globally to burn off waste gas, excess gases and are also a means to protect process equipment, the system’s processes and the environment. Flaring systems are used extensively in wastewater treatment, landfills and farming operations.

Why monitor and analyze the gas going to the flare?

Countries that follow or have to comply with EPA regulations which states that continuous measurement of the flaring system has to be made and reported upon. This detail has to be recorded and reported. Rules are such that the flare has to operate at 1000 `C, and measurement of three gasses are critical to the EPA compliance reporting CH4, O2 and CO2 The flare will just about operate at a minimum of 20% CH4 anything below then there will be an issue with the flare staying alight but the temp must remain at 1000`C. to do this you then need flow to compensate the CH4 reduction.

What benefits will I get?

Compliance with EPA regulations and ensuring the quality of gas to the flare is monitored

How do I do it?

Operators opt for fixed in line systems that measure continuously on a single sample point. These systems connect via industry standard protocols to the operators control systems housed on site.