How does a CO2 analyser work?

CO2 analysers are useful in many different industries and circumstances. In this article we take a look at how a CO2 analyser works and its applications and uses for different industries. 

CO2 Analyser explained

A CO2 analyser has the job of measuring the level of carbon dioxide present in the air. The CO2 analyser can tell the user exactly how much CO2 is in the air and if this is at an acceptable level. This process uses a specimen of the gas that is present in the analyser, this is called the control and it contains 100% carbon dioxide. The control specimen is compared against the sample of air taken by the handler of the device. The device passes infrared light through the samples to gain a reading based on how much of the light has been absorbed. By comparing the samples and the absorption levels of the infrared light in both the control and the air sample taken, the analyser can determine exactly how much CO2 is in the air sample. These analysers are very accurate and can be used in a number of different applications to measure and assess if the levels of carbon dioxide are correct for that particular circumstance.

Medical industry

Within the medical or pharmaceuticals industry there are multiple different situations where a CO2 analyser is used to control the environment or to ensure safety. One instance is in IVF treatment laboratories. IVF incubators are used within the treatment laboratories to provide the right environment for the embryo to grow and develop. Part of this is controlling the levels of CO2 gas within the incubator. The CO2 must be at the right level to mimic the environment of a fallopian tube to give the embryo the best possible chances of being successful.

The Geotech G100 portable CO2 analyser is designed to monitor situations such as IVF incubators. The G100 can be used to monitor CO2 levels, O2 levels, temperature and humidity inside an IVF incubator, increasing the success rate of IVF treatment.  

At QED we have a number of gas analysers that are suitable for the medical industry.

Food and drink industry

As part of the food production process CO2 is used in a number of different ways. Carbon dioxide is added to perishable foods, such as salads and packaged meat to increase their shelf life. It is also used to produce carbonated drinks. Carbon dioxide is an essential part of the food production process, if it is not carefully monitored it can also be very dangerous to industry workers. If the levels of carbon dioxide go beyond a safe level or a leak isn’t detected in time it can result in hyperventilation, loss of consciousness and potential loss of life. Monitoring the levels of carbon dioxide and using CO2 alarms minimizes this risk and can prevent potential fatalities. It is essential that factories or workplaces that use CO2 in their production process are aware of the risks and steps they should take to keep employees safe. Excess carbon dioxide levels within food processing can also be an indicator of an issue such as mold or yeast production. By closely monitoring the gas output companies can prevent issues and reduce food wastage.

We offer a number of portable CO2 gas analysers such as the Geotech G100 that are suitable for the food and beverage industry.

Environmental monitoring

Many businesses are required to monitor the impact their operations have on the quality of the air for the workers that come into close contact with industrial processes. These processes could potentially release carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses. If these gasses are inhaled in dangerous levels by employees, they can have life ending consequences. Government regulations are put in place to help protect the public from poor air quality. Government and local councils also use CO2 analysers to measure the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and take steps to reduce these levels if they become too harmful.

At QED we have a number of gas monitors and CO2 analysers that are best suited for environmental gas monitoring.

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