The distilled spirits industry includes the production of whisky, gin, vodka, rum, and brandy. The production of secondary products such as distillers dried grains used for other processes are generated as well; carbon dioxide is also produced during fermentation.

Why Monitor CO2 Levels?

Gas hazards in a modern brewery come from carbon dioxide from fermentation. In breweries CO2 is recovered from fermentation and used for carbonation. Some carbon dioxide gas escapes the fermenter through an airlock during the initial fermentation period.

What Benefits Will I Get?

Monitoring and control of CO2 levels in the process will ensure quality and consistency through process repeatability from batch to batch. With monitoring, the production facility controls waste, save cost and increase profits. Additionally, safety of the workers and environment are improved.

How Do I Do It?

The G110 portable CO2 analyzer for use within brewing industry measures CO2 0-100% and measures O2 0-100%. The unit uses the latest technology and specification requirements to provide you with a fast, simple to use analyzer for easy verification of CO2 levels and vastly improved accuracy on CO2 readings using infrared technology.