Preventing waste in food processing is vital to our environment. Monitoring the gases present during processing lets the operator adjust the process to prevent premature waste, as indicated by the presence of carbon dioxide.

Most water has trace chemicals which affect taste and purity. Normal filtration may not be effective at removing certain chemicals which stay in solution. Air stripping chemicals from water will improve taste and remove volatile chemicals from the final product.

Why monitor CO2 levels?

The CO2 levels in food processing can provide an indication of a problem, such as yeast or mold contaminants. Contaminants in bottled drinking water can affect both taste and purity.

What benefits will I get?

CO2 levels will provide an early detection of issues, before full contamination or waste occurs. Proper treatment and filtration of water used in the process will prevent taste and chemical contamination.

How do I do it?

Depending on the amount of CO2 for the process, the QED range of G100 analyzers will be able to detect the amount of CO2 from percent to ppm levels. QED EZTray air strippers will remove contaminants from the water stream before they can contaminate the product.

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