A blend of gases, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen help preserve packaged food by reducing the amount of oxygen inside the sealed package. Carbon dioxide also inhibits bacteria growth and lowers the pH of preserved food. Carbon monoxide is often used in meat packaging, as it can preserve the red color.

Why Monitor The Gas Mix?

One of the major factors behind how quickly vacuum packed or other packaged foods become perishable is the level of oxygen inside the package, which can cause decay. One way to slow down this process is the use of modified atmosphere packaging. The MAP environment is created from a carefully balanced mix of atmospheric gases. The package is flushed with a mixture of known gases and sealed, monitoring of this gas mix is vital for consistency of product.

What Benefits Will I Get?

By monitoring and controlling the atmosphere we ensure the gas mix is at the optimum level for each individual foodstuff to retain its freshness for the maximum time. This increases the shelf life while decreasing food waste, thereby saving cost.

How Do I Do It?

In the packaging operation, in line or sample point gas monitoring ensures accurate verification of the desired gaseous mix, thereby providing peace of mind that the foodstuff will remain in optimum condition