Exclusive vortex inducing auger

AutoPump® Ultra Xtreme

The AutoPump Ultra Xtreme combines exclusive technologies to create a self cleaning design which keeps your pumps in the ground longer. Non-stick surfaces and internal agitation inhibit sludge buildup, extending service intervals and keeping clean-up to a minimum. Available in 4 and 4.5 inch sizes to match pumping requirements.
Product Description
Product Description
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QED has created the first self cleaning landfill liquid extraction pump designed to operate in the most extreme landfill conditions. The new AutoPump Ultra Xtreme pump utilizes the unique, non-stick coating and polished metal internal components of the AP4 and AP4.5 Ultra and Ultra High Temperature pumps with the exclusive AutoPump Xtreme auger. The auger creates a spinning motion to the liquid to help keep particles suspended and moving. This field proven vortex action results in a additional ten-fold improvement in pump "in the ground" times. The combination of AutoPump Ultra coating and continuous internal scouring means a reduction of over 70% of time spent cleaning the pump internal components. The AutoPump Xtreme lets you redirect important labor resources to more critical tasks. The new Xtreme is available as the Short, Bottom Loading model of either the standard AutoPump Ultra pump or Ultra High Temperature pump (for temperatures up to 250F / 120C).

Key Specifications
  • 316 stainless-steel vortex inducing auger
  • Proprietary non-stick finishes on float and discharge tube to reduce solids buildup
  • 100% air-powered operation
  • Corrosion-resistant 316-grade stainless steel metallic parts
  • Reliable air control mechanism
  • Functions under positive or negative (vacuum) pressure environments
  • Does not require clean dry air to function properly and pumps particles up to 1/8 inch in diameter
  • The AutoPump air valves can pass 90 weight oil without fouling.
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Field tests have shown that the AutoPump® Ultra Xtreme will last up to 10 times longer between service events over the industry leading AP4 Ultra. Tested in the most severe applications
  • Cleans in up to 70% less time than control group, determined by field tests
  • Simple disassembly with no fasteners and no cotter pins
  • Reduced service requirements redirects labor to other tasks
  • Increase landfill gas extraction rates.
  • Reduced risk of liquid leakage through liners and side slope failures.
  • Lower rates of odors and non-methane organic compounds
  • AutoPumps require no surface timer-based controllers, bubblers or sensors in the well to operate.
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Key Specifications
  • Available as Short, Bottom Loading Ultra or Ultra High Temperature models
  • Exclusive auger and non-stick internal components create a self-cleaning action
  • Proprietary finishes reduce buildup and extend the time between cleaning
  • Unique construction resists clogging by solids, pumps longer without needing cleaning
  • Available in standard (180F / 80C) and High Temperature (250F / 120 C) operating temperatures
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