Huberg Rivelgas Combi

Rivelgas Combi is ideal for technicians who are on call or handling an emergency, it can be used for gas leak detection and localization of gas leaks on underground networks and for the detection of gas leaks on exposed and air pipes. The ergonomics of the instrument allows an easier use. In combination with the instrument, you can use various types of probes that allow you to work on different ground surfaces, also reaching points otherwise difficult to get to. The internal Bluetooth allows a connection with a personal computer, in order to visualize the work data.
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Product Description
Product Description
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Portable instrument for gas leak detection and personal safety. More powerful pump can be used with probes.

Key Specifications
  • From 1 to 3 sensors: CH4, O2, CO, H2 and He
  • Powerful pump for use with wands and diffusion
  • ATEX Certified
  • Rechargeable batteries with long operating life
  • Small, light weight package
  • Wide range of operating environments
  • Flexible configurations fit most applications
  • Designed to be compliant in most environments
  • Easily carried all day
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Key Specifications
  • Calibrated to detect both CH4 and C3H8
  • Standard Gas Detection: 0-100% LEL CH4
  • Standard Gas Detection: 0-100% VOL CH4
  • Optional Gas Detection: 0-10,000 PPM CH4
  • Optional Bluetooth Communication
  • Optional handheld and carpet probes
II 2G Ex ib d IIC T4 Gb