Landfill Pump Flow Rate Calculator

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Bottom inlet, Long Autopump

Pump Flow Metric Conversion Factors

Use these factors to convert from English to metric

Data Input

For Pump depth and Header back pressure, multiply meters by a factor of 3.33 to input data in units of feet.

Flow Rate

Multiply U.S. gallons by 3.79 to convert to liters.

Air Consumption

Multiply SCFM by 0.029 to express in cubic meters.

Data Input (feet)

Enter pump depth in well
Header back pressure
Total developed head

Flow Rate (gpm)

Enter desired flow rate
Default is maximum flow rate

Air consumption per pump
scfm delivered at 100 psi
Number of pumps driven by compressor

Total Air Consumption - All Pumps
(scfm delivered at 100 psi)


Compressor Design Specifications
(scfm delivered at 100 psi)

Rotar/Screw Compressor
Reciprocating Compressor
Without Dryer
With Dryer

See more information for: desiccant dryer, rotary screw and reciprocating compressors. Calculator assumes 10' pump submergence @ 100 psi. Call QED for less than 10' pump submergence.

LFG (bal=AIR) Flow (cfm)