Viet Huy is proud to be a reliable and exclusive distributor of Geotech products in Vietnam for the past six years and hopefully for more many years to come in the future.  Thanks to Geotech’s cooperation and readily-available support from their professionals, we can provide and satisfy our customers with high-quality products and excellent service.  Geotech’s biogas and landfill instruments have been the choice for many projects of reputed companies and organisations in Vietnam - those are big successes that we’re delighted to achieve together with Geotech.  Please visit Viet Huy’s website for not only Geotech’s products but also a wide variety of laboratory equipment and devices which may meet your other needs.


7/26 Street 182,
Tang Nhon Phu A Ward,
District 9,
Ho Chi Minh City,

Main Contact
Trang Nguyen

Phone: 00 84854492277
Phone: (08) 35171267
Website: http://www.viethuy.vn/san-pham/thiet-bi/thiet-bi-moi-truong/
Email: info [at] viethuy [dot] vn Email: sales [at] viethuy [dot] vn

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