QED Environmental Systems is the leading manufacturer of innovative environmental products.
For over 35 years their expertise has included Pumping Systems, Landfill Products, and Air Strippers.

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Landfill Products

QC orpwellhead

Precision Wellheads

QED’s new Quick-Change™ Orifice Plate Wellhead (U.S. Patent Number 8,800,597 & Patents Pending) combines easy plate exchanges for accurate flow measurements with precise adjustment control over a broad flow range.

Quick-Change Orifice Plate Wellhead

Designed to allow for precise control and direct measurement of landfill gas flow.


Orifice Plates

pdfQuick-Change Plates (503 KB) are available in stainless steel and fiber reinforced nylon.

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Orifice Plate Selector Guide

Choose the right orifice plate for your site conditions:


Fine Tune Control Valve

Control Valve allows you to precisely adjust the gas flow from a well, rather than just turning it on or off.

pdfFine Tune™ Control Valve datasheet304.34 KB


Sample Port Covers

First barbed fitting with a screw-on cap.


LFG Well Caps

The first landfill gas well caps that allows liquid level readings without removing the wellhead.

pdfWellcap datasheet238.11 KB


High Liquid Level Indicator

Provides quick and easy indication of excess liquid levels in gas wells.


UV-resistant LFG Flex Hose

New LFG hose designed to last much longer than conventional hose.

Landtec Wellbore Seal

WellBore Seals

Eliminate well bore gas leaks, air intrusion and underground fires.

easyfitting 250x389

Quick-Connect Fittings

Quickly disconnect and reconnect the tubing from pumps without cutting.


Traditional Wellhead

A wellhead for those looking for sensitive flow adjustment capability and a lower cost assembly.

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Engineering Specifications

The GEM™5000, monitor Landfill Gas (LFG) Collection & Control Systems.

Gas Analyzers


The GEM™5000 is designed specifically for use on landfills to monitor Landfill Gas (LFG) Collection & Control Systems.

Landtec GA5000, landfill and contaminated land portable gas analyzer.


The GA5000 is our landfill and contaminated land portable gas analyzer, with available gas measurements of CH4, CO2, O2, H2S and CO.

Landtec BIOGAS5000, field instrument for anaerobic digester gas analysis.


Designed to meet Global Renewable Energy and Carbon Credit digester project requirements, the BIOGAS5000 is the ideal field instrument for anaerobic digester gas analysis.

Landtec BIOGAS3000, fixed gas analysis system.


Introducing our new fixed gas analysis system, the BIOGAS 3000!

Landtec Calibration Gas, certified primary standard grade calibration gas.

Calibration Gas

LANDTEC’s certified primary standard grade calibration gas assures highest quality for your instrument calibration needs.