Friday, December 31, 2021

Leading gas detection and analysis instrumentation manufacturer QED Environmental Systems has launched the next generation popular Huberg METREX gas detection instrument.

The new METREX is ATEX rated and designed for  localization and classification of leaks in natural gas distribution networks. 

A robust design and intuitive user interface ensures the new METREX is ideal for first responder technicians who handle suspected gas leaks. Other key applications include bar hole gas measurement testing, purged gas lines and enclosed space monitoring. 

The new METREX is significantly reduced in size compared to its predecessor and is also 50% lighter. It features ten-hour battery life and an easy to read and navigate LCD display.  Gas measurements are displayed on screen to the user and easy to understand. The IP65 certified ingress rating adds to the robustness of the instrument when operating it in adverse weather conditions. 

ATEX certified (II 2 G Ex db ib IIB T4 Gb) the new METREX has been classified to be safely operated in designated hazardous locations. Unlike traditional flame ionization detectors, the new METREX does not require a technician to carry calibration gas cylinders as the METREX can perform a user calibration in air. 

QED have been designing and manufacturing gas analyzers for over 25 years. QED design and engineering expertise is fundamental to the proprietary sensing and detection capabilities of the new METREX.  It detects and measures gas ranges that span from 0  - 10 000 PPM.

A further significant improvement from the previous Metrex model is the feature to capture, and data log surveyed data with the QED ProSoft natural gas compliance reporting software. This data transfer can be via the integrated Bluetooth data transfer or USB to PC.

QED’s Gas Instruments Product Manager James Jones commented, “We are excited to expand and improve the Huberg product range. The release of a vastly improved QED products like the METREX highlights QED’s engineering and production capabilities.  We are proud of what the team achieved.

The new METREX offers product distribution partners a product to expand their business more significantly into gas mains distribution networks.  We’re confident that the new METREX is an attractive product option for companies who are considering to diversify or upgrade their current product portfolio.” 

For further information and detection solutions, please call 734-995-2547 or contact us at info [at] qedenv [dot] com 

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