QED’s AP4.5 Ultra AutoPump® System for Landfill and Remediation Pumping was recently covered in Impeller.Net. This pump delivers superior performance and extends run time between service events. The pump incorporates innovative technology which allows it to run for months in wells where traditional pumps fail in a matter of days. The AP4.5 Ultra AutoPump System represents a breakthrough in landfill and remediation pumping.

The AP4.5 Ultra AutoPump System design has increased clearance between the float, casing, and discharge tube. The AP4.5 Ultra AutoPump System has three times the clearance of regular pumps which enables it to deal with higher viscosities, greater concentrations of solids content and precipitates.  

Read more from Impeller.Net’s  website here: https://impeller.net/magazin/qed-environmental-systems-highlights-high-clearance-ap4-5-ultra-autopump-system/

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