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Huberg Natural Gas Leak Detector: Rivelgas Plus

Portable instrument equipped with vacuum pump for gas leak detection (CH4 and C3H8) on air pipes, fittings etc.. It can be set up for personal safety when it is combined with sensors for toxic gases such as O2, CO and H2S, activating the LEL scale for the sensors CH4, C3H8.
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Product Description
Product Description
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Portable instrument for microleakage gas detection and for personal safety.

Key Specifications
  • From 1 to 3 sensors: CH4, C3H8, O2, CO, H2S, H2
  • ATEX Certified
  • Rechargeable batteries with long operating life
  • Small, light weight package
  • Wide range of operating environments
  • Flexible configurations fit most applications
  • Designed to be compliant in most environments
  • Easily carried all day
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Key Specifications
  • Calibrated to detect both CH4 and C3H8
  • Standard Gas Detection: 0-100% LEL CH4
  • Standard Gas Detection: 0-100% VOL CH4
  • Optional Gas Detection: 0-10,000 PPM CH4
  • Optional Gas Detection: O2, CO and H2S
  • Optional Bluetooth Communication


II 2G Ex ib d IIC T4 Gb

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