QED Environmental has a state-of-the-art service and calibration facility in Dexter, MI USA, with a dedicated Service Technician team to carry out servicing of your analyser(s) at their designated service intervals. Our Customer Service team are here to help you with the entire aftersales process and the Technical Support team can assist with more specific in depth technical or warranty related queries, the team are based here in the UK to help.

How to Arrange a Service

Arranging a service with us is easy, and the process depends on whether you are sending your analyser to us direct (UK) or using a local distributor (outside UK).

The below forms must all be completed before you ship your instrument for Service, Repair or Warranty, even if you are arranging the shipment yourself the below forms must be completed so that we can also supply you with a Returns Authorisation (RA) label, and have all the relevant details to communicate with you during the Service & repair process.

You can complete everything you need to online, using our simple and efficient self-service forms;

1. Arrange a Service – completing the SRF (Service Return Form)

2. Arrange a Collection, just select the Country you are returning the Instrument from. 

We will need you to complete a Service Return Form, which gives our team the relevant information about your analyser including any specific thing you’d like us to look at when it’s in with us.

If you wish to ‘Drop off’ your instrument or arrange the return to our Freight provider you can send it to them direct at Independent Freight Solutions Ltd, Units 5+6 Alliance Close, Attleborough fields Industrial estate, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV11 6SD

Outside UK Servicing

Contact your local distributor who will organise this with you. If you are unsure who that is please get in contact with us on +44 (0) 333 800 0088 (Option 1) or email the Customer Service team on service [at] qedenv [dot] co [dot] uk.

If there are no local distributors then you should return your instrument to us at QED,2355 Bishop Circle West, Dexter, MI USA 48130, Please remember to follow the same steps below to return your Instrument;

1. Arrange a Service – completing the SRF (Service Return Form)

2. Arrange a Collection, just select the Country you are returning the Instrument from.

Drop Off

If you wish to use your own carrier to return your Instrument and do not require a collection to be arranged with our freight forwarder you have the option to do this but we still require the above forms to be completed, just tick the ‘drop off’ option within the form when you complete it.

It is very important for us to receive the completed forms so that we can carry out the service quickly and efficiently and return your instrument in good time, this will help reduce any complications along the way.

Please return your Instruments to QED Global Headquarters, 2355 Bishop Circle West, Dexter, MI USA 48130

How Much will a Service Cost?

The cost of your analyser service will depend on the model, and the service interval frequency. Please get in touch with the Customer Service team or your local service distributor for an initial pre-assessment quote for your specific analyser.

Standard Service (annual) (UK ONLY)

This scheme allows users who do not use their analysers on a regular basis to return their analysers to QED once a year. Included is:

  • Full service and calibration;
  • Calibration certificate

Service Plus Scheme (UK ONLY)

If you return your unit every 6 months, you can qualify for the Service+ scheme. There is a significant commercial benefit to this, as the standard cost of service is reduced, as well as having routine replacement parts (e.g. cells, battery, fitting, pump etc.) included. This doesn’t include non-standard parts such as PCBs, display etc.

*Service+ members receive a priority service

Exemptions apply if damage has occurred or not used in accordance with the operating manual, or if the unit is >5 years old, only cells covered after 5 years, all other parts chargeable.

Overseas Service (annual)

Overseas customers should contact their local service centre to check for prices and what the service covers. If there are no local distributors who can carry out the service, please return the analyser to QED for a ‘Standard Service’.

Service Agreements

We provide service packages for users with a large number of analysers which offer a cost-effective, tailored solution to your servicing requirements. You will get all the benefits of the Service+ scheme, as well as:

Discounted service costs;

  • 6-monthly or annual payment options;
  • Quicker than standard turnaround times;
  • Free UK courier collection for each service interval.

With flexible payments, fixed-costs to support budgetary planning and control, and a fast, turnkey service solution, we will have an option to suit your needs. Contact us to discuss a solution for your equipment.

Please get in contact with our Customer Service team on +44 (0) 333 800 0088 (Option 1) or email us on service [at] qedenv [dot] co [dot] uk for a quote, or more information about any service requirements.




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