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For over 35 years their expertise has included Pumping Systems, Landfill Products, and Air Strippers.

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Landfill Leachate/Condensate Pumping


QED air-powered pumps are ideal for landfill pumping, with its fluctuating flow rate and discharge head requirements, challenging downwell environments and special hazards that make electric submersible pumps unsuitable. Ever since users first adapted our monitoring well purge pumps to collect leachate, a continuous program of customer-driven engineering advances has created the industry's most complete, highest performance landfill pumping product line.


AutoPump® AP4 for Leachate and Methane Condensate Extraction

The original automatic air-powered pump for the most demanding landfill applications.

  • The highest flow rates and deepest pumping capabilities in the industry.
  • Broad selection of materials of construction to handle solids, agressive liquids, harsh environments, high temperature, low and high pH, viscosity and more.
  • Three lengths available (long, short, and low drawdown) to meet different water column and drawdown requirements.
  • Top and bottom inlet models for skimming and total fluids pumping in 4" (100 mm) ID and larger wells.


AutoPump® AP2 for Leachate and Condensate Extraction in Small Diameter Wells

Maximum capabilities and flow rates for small diameter landfill wells and risers.

  • All metallic construction for superior performance in 2" (50 mm) ID and larger wells.
  • Two lengths available with top and bottom inlets to meet different water column and drawdown requirements.
  • Handles solids, agressive liquids, harsh environments and more.



Electric Pumps

TorpedoTM Sideslope

Unique bullet shape HDPE shroud provides a low coefficient of friction and allows the pump to slide easily over internal pipe obstacles.

  • Rounded end heavy duty Torpedo shroud outperforms and outlasts stainless steel type housings.
  • No shroud wheels to break and hamper pump removal.
  • Special rugged duty pump materials, not standard duty water supply type.
  • More user-friendly control panels make field setting changes easy.

Torpedo SlimJimTM

Small diameter pump (4.5” outer housing diameter) is ideal for smaller diameter risers such as cleanouts, collapsed pipes or bent risers.

  • Flows up to 30 GPM.
  • Made with the same corrosion resistant materials as the Torpedo Pump.
  • Can be used in vertical or horizontal applications.
  • Same applications as air powered pumps, but with higher flow rates.


Easy Level™ (U.S. Patent Number 8,756,991) High/Low Liquid Level Indicator and Liquid Measurement System

The Easy Level provides quick and easy indication of excess liquid levels and level measurement in landfill gas wells, leachate risers, tanks, sumps, pits and wells.

  • Works without opening the wellhead or cap - no air gets in, no gases get out and no vacuum interruption.
  • Connect the optional portable liquid level measurement meter to display actual height of liquid over liquid probe.
  • No batteries, electric power supply or compressed air source required.
  • No false indication due to foam in the well or riser.