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Quick-Change™ Orifice Plate

Q: Does QED have a recommended flow calculation equation for determining gas flow?

A: Calculating gas flow is complex and typically involves making a number of assumptions (i.e. gas concentrations, temperature, humidity, etc.). Our equipment can give you a differential pressure reading. From there, you can use any number of resources to calculate flow, such as the online flow calculator available at the efunda (engineering fundamentals) website:

The flow coefficient value for the QED stainless steel plate is 0.62 for a thin plate with sharp edges.

Flow ranges for QED orifice plates:

  Plate Size Flow Range
1.25" orifice plates: 0.26 -
  0.5 -
  0.75 -
  0.95 -
2" orifice plates: 0.4 0-7 scfm
  0.5 4-12 scfm
  0.75 10-25 scfm
  1 15-48 scfm
  1.25 20-80 scfm
  1.4 30-105+ scfm
3" orifice plates: 1.25 25-75 scfm
  1.75 50-160 scfm
  2.1 80-260+ scfm



Q: How do you change Quick-Change Orifice Plates?

A: The Quick-Change Orifice Plates can be changed in 3 easy steps.
Wellhead Orifice Plate Change Step 1   Wellhead Orifice Plate Change Step 3   Wellhead Orifice Plate Change Step 3
Step 1: Quickly unscrew collar, exposing plate   Step 2: Change plates   Step 3: Close collar
See the Quick-Change Orifice Plate Flow Curves          ▼ Visit the Orifice Plate Flow Calculator