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Air Stripper Case Studies

Santa Cruz Meets THM/DBP Challenge with Unique Air Stripping Process

Santa Cruz has successfully demonstrated an innovative way for the City to meet its water quality goals while using process recycled water as part of its supply source. Using the recycled water had caused concern about reliably meeting the U.S. EPA THM/DBP potable water quality standards in its finished water. The City evaluated various aeration treatment processes and chose an E-Z Tray® Air Stripper from QED as the best fit for meeting their water quality and O&M goals. The EZ Tray air stripper was installed and its performance has greatly surpassed the City’s goals, including up to 90% THM removal.

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QED E-Z Tray® (U.S. Patent Number 5,518,668) Air Strippers were recently featured in WaterWorld magazine.

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Removing VOCs from Municipal Water Supply

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) – Omaha District has funded the design and construction of a new groundwater treatment plant in Cheyenne, Wyoming to treat groundwater from the city’s Borie well field.  This important groundwater supply was apparently contaminated with tricholorethene (TCE) in the late 1960s at the Former F.E. Warren Atlas Missile Site 4, several miles southwest and up-gradient of the current Borie well field production wells.


Treating Drinking Water with 99% Removal

In October 2011, the Cedarburg, Wisconsin Light and Water Utility installed a QED E-Z Tray® Air Stripper in a discreet addition to their existing production pump building. The E-Z Tray 72.6 with 4-stage trays handles a flow rate of 600 gpm and treats groundwater containing vinyl chloride that has been traced back to a nearby landfill.


Treating Multiple Groundwater Contaminants in Grand Island, NE

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has launched an effort to treat contaminated groundwater in Grand Island, Nebraska. The Parkview Well Superfund Site consists of two areas of groundwater contamination, the Northern and Southern Plumes, which include several volatile organic contaminants


E-Z Trays an Integral Part of Levelland's Groundwater Treatment

The refinery at the former Motor Fuels Corporation produced all grades of gasoline, tractor fuels, diesel, distillate products, and fuel oils. It closed in 1954 after 15 years of operation, and the refinery equipment was removed by 1958. The property has since been redeveloped, but the groundwater contains a plume of benzene and 1,2-dichloromethane.


Landfill Reduces O&M with Sliding Tray Air Stripper

Waste Management of Alameda County’s former Davis Street Landfill in San Leandro, California is the flagship of Waste Management’s Northern California operations. Beginning as a landfill in 1942, a portion of the site became an MSW transfer station in 1979 as the landfill closed.


Treating Pharmaceutical Wastewater

A pharmaceutical facility in the Caribbean had an existing wastewater treatment process that utilized a sequencing batch reactor (SBR). SBRs use large tanks to collect wastewater, then a number of different options can be employed to treat the water (such as chemicals addition, aeration and mixing).


Treating a Gasoline Spill in a Residential Area

The sliding tray, compact design of E-Z Tray® Air Strippers allowed a major petroleum company to install a large remediation system in a high-end residential neighborhood on Long Island, New York.


Chlorinated Solvent Cleanup at Superfund Site

A former industrial plant and top Superfund site in Sydney, Australia, had been in operation since the 1930s and contained chlorinated solvent contamination. Because of the size and scope of this project packed towers traditionally would have been the air stripping method of choice, but the client was concerned about the ability of workers having easy access to maintain and clean the units.


Ballast Water Treatment on Alaskan Coastline

An Alaskan oil terminal had to deal with contaminated ballast water that needed to be collected and treated before discharge. They had a biological treatment process on site, but it was difficult to operate in the temperature and contaminant loading extremes the site experiences and they struggled to get it to work consistently.


E-Z Trays® at Hard-to-Access Site

E-Z Tray® Air Strippers have always been known for their ease of access and cleaning, but for this special site, an old industrial building in Brooklyn, New York, they also had to be installed without the use of any heavy equipment.


Using Air Strippers for Off-gas Treatment

Two pharmaceutical plants in Puerto Rico used large sequencing batch reactor (SBR) systems to treat their wastewater. The primary treatment was an aerobic bio breakdown of the waste.