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For over 35 years their expertise has included Pumping Systems, Landfill Products, and Air Strippers.

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Wellhead Accessories Documents


EasyLevel Brochure Thumbnail

Easy Level

The Easy LevelTM liquid level indicator provides quick and easy indication of excess liquid levels and level measurement in landfill gas wells, leachate risers, tanks, sumps, pits and wells.

pdfSee the Easy Level brochure1.16 MB

EasyBolt Brochure Thumbnail

Easy Bolt

QED’s New Easy Bolt lowers the cost of flange installation and removal. Faster; no tools; no corrosion or galling failures. 

pdfSee the Easy Bolt Brochure336.95 KB

EazyFitting Brochure Thumbnail

Easy Fitting

The New Easy Fitting from QED lowers the cost of disconnecting & reconnecting tubing when cleaning pumps. Faster; no Clamp removal/replacement; no need to cut the tubing shorter every time a pump is removed for cleaning.

pdfSee the Easy Fitting Brochure292.88 KB

ToughSeal Datasheet Thumbnail

Tough Seal

The QED Tough Seal (U.S. Patent Number 9,316,082 B2, Canadian patent 2,804,699) is arguably the tightest sealing, safest and most durable seal available on the market today, providing unmatched rigidity and pipe support for your system.

pdfSee the Tough Seal Datasheet571.91 KB

PrecisionLevelReader Datasheet Thumbnail

Precision Level Reader

The QED Precision Level Reader (PLR) is the most accurate, safest and efficient method for determining leachate and/or condensate levels in gas wells.

pdfSee the Precision Level Reader Datasheet605.65 KB