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Hose and Tubing - Overview



Hose Tubing

Down well or above ground, QED opens up new possibilities by adding a new high-temperature polymer tubing to the lineup of Nitrile hose and jacketed nylon tubing sets for airpowered pumps. With a maximum working temperature of 250° F (121° C) at 100 PSI, Red-Line Tubing will be a problemsolver at your most challenging job sites. High-temperature tubing sets have the same UV protection as QED’s high-flow and standard tubing, along with proven chemical resistance

to most compounds, so there is no swelling, cracking or breakdown if exposed to sunlight or harsh, corrosive fluids.

Lightweight Red-Line and nylon tubing sets fit all QED connections down well, at the well head, and along the surface, with sizing in a range of 1⁄2 – 1¼” OD. Flexible Nitrile hose is easy to handle, coil, and bend in the field and fits all QED connections, with sizes from 3⁄8 – 1” ID.

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High Flow Jacketed Tubing 38883A
1 1/4” OD Liquid Discharge
1/2” OD Air Supply
5/8” OD Air Exhaust

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Standard Jacketed Tubing 38884A
1” OD Liquid Discharge
1/2” OD Air Supply
5/8” OD Air Exhaust

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Nitrile Hose
202294 3/8” ID Air Supply Hose
203209 1/2” ID Air Exhaust Hose
2050871” ID Liquid Discharge Hose


Hose and Tubing Advantages

All dimensions of QED tube, hose and fittings are carefully designed and controlled to ensure high flow capacity, easy assembly, high pullout strength and leak-tight connections.

QED offers an unmatched range of connector and fitting options to make installation and maintenance easier and more efficient.

Easy Fittings

The Easy Fitting™ Quick-release Connector is a new type of lower-cost, quick fitting for the AutoPump® (U.S. Patent Number 5,004,405), designed for severe duty downwell conditions at landfills and remediation sites. The Easy Fitting allows the AutoPump to be quickly disconnected from its tubing and hose sets, eliminating the need to cut the tubing. Constructed of high-quality stainless steels, the Easy Fitting is designed to function well even with silt and solids present.

Hose Easy Fitting


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