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Passive Skimmer Overview

SOS and SPG Passive Skimmers

For Low Recovery Wells

The QED family of Passive Skimmers has been designed for product only (LNAPL) recovery applications in sites where active pumping systems are not applicable due to existing conditions or extreme low permeable formations. The floating intake head follows the groundwater fluctuations in the recovery well, allowing only the free-floating phase (LNAPL) to be captured, without taking water, and stored in the built-in reservoir for further manual transfer to a tank.

Passive Skimmers are available for 2” (50 mm) and 4” (100 mm) extraction wells, with different reservoir capacities.

Passive Skimmers are available in two different models: SOS-P (Passive Selective Oil Skimmer), and SPG-P (Passive Specific Gravity Skimmer).

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Passive Skimmer Advantages

  • Simple systems for extreme low recovery applications.
  • Choice of floating inlet types.