Precision Level Reader

The QED Precision Level Reader (PLR) is the most accurate, safest and efficient method for determining leachate and/or condensate levels in gas wells.
Product Description
Product Description
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Accurate, Safe and Efficient Liquid Levels Levels are detected within seconds and are recorded with a time, date and location stamp, with no need to interrupt vacuum in the well. Using a permanently installed weight and tube, the PLR engages a micro-compressor and differential sensors to determine a water level reading that is never affected by foam and will not cross-contaminate from well to well.

Key Specifications
  • Permanently installed weight and tube
  • Quick connect and measurement time
  • Rugged Winmate pad running Windows 10 OS
  • Electronic records created
  • Rugged, self contained mobile system
  • Optional Advanced Wireless Mesh System
  • No user interaction with leachate or well gas
  • Well bore seal remains intact during measurement
  • Built in Bluetooth and Windows 10 functionality
  • Immediate readings reduce operator time at well
  • Permanent record of depth, stamped with GPS coordinates, time and date
  • Light weight, weather resistant system is easy to transport and use
  • Out of the box SCADA data system solution integration
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Key Specifications
  • Fully mobile system with integrated GPS for automatic node discovery
  • Incorporated gauge differential pressure sensor for liquid level measurement
  • Winmate Rugged handheld unit with integrated Bluetooth radio system running Windows 10 based operating system
  • Rechargeable internal batteries
  • Permanent fitting kit for one-time installation at each well
  • Customized Interface Application Software
  • User friendly digital display, audible and visual alerts
  • Simple data recording and storage options
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