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C100M Digital Controller

This solar-powered digital controller can be used to set pump refill and discharge cycle times for the Programmable Genie®, and Pulse Pump®.
Product Description
Product Description
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The C100M Digital Controller offers easy and flexible control of skimmer system operation in a compact, solar or AC-powered unit. Touch-pad control and digital display simplify its programming. Programmable Genies utilize the C100M Controller which allows the user to not only control the pump fill/discharge cycles, but also to set OFF periods to match the LNAPL pumping rates to the recovery rates of the well. The C100M includes an AC power supply for locations where solar power is either not available or insufficient to support high rate pump operation. In solar-powered mode, the C100M is rated intrinsically safe. See page 39 or consult the factory for more detailed information on the C100M.

Key Specifications
  • Power-saving circuit design
  • 10-day battery backup that allows for operation in winter conditions
  • AC power adapter allows for charging during conditions where solar is not available
  • Easy-to-use digital control of pump discharge and refill cycles
  • Rated safe in solar mode
  • Optional level switches allow for system shutdown when the collection tank is full and/or the well level drops too low
  • Programmable OFF settings allow for adjustment of dialing pumping rates
  • Maximum LNAPL flow through soil is maintained
  • Enhances long-terms recovery rates
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