QED Environmental Systems is the leading manufacturer of innovative environmental products.
For over 35 years their expertise has included Pumping Systems, Landfill Products, and Air Strippers.

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Data Collection

Starting out with simple, reliable pneumatic controllers and pump cycle counters, QED landfill data systems have evolved to support today's computer-based solid waste management practices.

retriever lgRetriever™ Wireless Remote Data Collection

Solar-powered, wireless data collection solution for landfill, remediation, and other sites.

  • Built-in microprocessor takes and stores selected hourly data readings.
  • Nightly data packet is sent to your web site via special cellular channel.
  • Easier to order, install and use, with convenient online access from any computer.

data module lgAir-Powered Data Module

In-well fluid level reading, pulse counter and air pressure information at the wellhead.

  • Fully pneumatic, requires no electricity.
  • Enables operator to take readings of the fluid levels in the well without opening the riser.
  • Pulse counter records the number of cycles of the leachate and/or condensate pump for accurate flow totalization.
  • Mountable weatherproof enclosure with clear-view window.