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Another QED Online Tool that puts Calculations at Your Fingertips


  • Landfill Gas Dewatering Calculator
  • Landfill Gas Calculator for Gas-only Wells
  • Orifice Plate Flow Calculator
  • AutoPump® Flow Rate and Air Consumption Calculator
  • Submersible Pump Guide

QED has a suite of online tools that are designed to help you make the right decisions about landfill gas flow, orifice plate selection, and AutoPump® (Patent Pending) air consumption. Here, we will be highlighting QED’s Orifice Plate Flow Calculator.

In order to achieve optimal gas flow rates from your wellheads, allowing for better and more accurate flow calculations, you need to obtain a differential pressure between 0.5 inches water column (WC) and 5.0 inches WC.

QED’s Orifice Plate Flow Calculator lets you input the parameters from your site to best select the orifice plate size that will give you this optimal differential pressure. Check it out at www.qedenv.com/Products/Landfill_Products/Orifice_Plate_Flow_Calculator, or you can download a handy, printable and foldable QED Orifice Plate Selector Guide.

Utilizing orifice plate technology, and using the most appropriate size plate, gives you the stable gas flow readings you need. And, QED’s Quick-Change™ Orifice Plate Wellhead (U.S. Patent Number 8,800,597) & Patents Pending allows for easy plate changes meaning you can always be sure you are using the best plate for the given conditions, and that you are minimizing gas flow restrictions that can result in wasted energy.

ORPcard foldoutview-webNote: QED’s orifice flow calculation tool uses AGA and ASME orifice flow calculation methods to provide an estimate of gas flows given a limited set of input data: gas temperature, CH4/CO2 ratio, applied vacuum, QED orifice size, pipe size and resulting delta-Pressure across the orifice. Lab testing has shown excellent agreement between lab measured air flows and tool results.