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Selecting the Correct Orifice Plate

 Optimal flow Range Charts
Differential Pressure Chart
The optimal flow rate is obtained when Differential Pressure (DP) is between 0.5 inch WC and 5.0 inch WC. Use the smallest plate that will provide a measureable less than 5.0 inch WC to minimize flow restrictions that can result in wasted energy.
 ORP Curve Charts
How to Change Quick-Change OrificeTM Plates in 3 Easy Steps
Changing Orifice Plate: Step 1   Changing Orifice Plate: Step 2   Changing Orifice Plate: Step 3
Step 1: Loosen collar with a quarter-turn
  Step 2: Change plate   Step 3: Tighten collar and replace dust cover

Orifice Plate Flow Calculator


Quick-Change Orifice Plate Selector Guide 

If you would like additional information on how to change Orifice Plates, please use the following links:

pdfDownload the printable and foldable Orifice Plate Selector Guide206.83 KB

Request a printed version of the Orifice Plate Selector Guide

See the Quick-Change Orifice Plate Flow Curves

Visit the Orifice Plate Flow Calculator