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The Advantages of Dedicated Bubbler Tubes for Liquid Level Measurements


Landfill technicians commonly use a level meter tape to measure LFG well liquid levels. With this method, they have to shut down the system vacuum, open the wellhead and, after the measurement, reassemble the wellhead. Not only does this take time, but landfill gas is release and the level readings are affected by removing the vacuum; and air is introduced into the collection system.

QED’s Digital Liquid Level Meter used with a dedicated bubbler tube has multiple advantages over other measurement devices:

  • No atmospheric air is introduced into the collection system
  • Odors and worker exposure to dangerous gases are reduced
  • The Meter automatically compensates for pressure or vacuum conditions above the liquid.

How It Works:

Just dedicate the bubbler tube downwell next to the pump inlet, send a pulse of air through the bubbler tube, and the manometer reads the inches of water column. So, if the level probe is set at 50 feet and your reading is 36 inches of water column, you subtract the 36 inches from 50 feet and you know your liquid level is at 47 feet.

QED’s Stabilizer™ Well Cap (Patent Pending) includes extra ports allowing you to dedicate a bubbler tube to each well; you only need one Digital Level Meter to take liquid measurements at your whole site. It’s been determined that taking a reading with QED’s Meter takes about 2 minutes, as opposed to a manual measurement, which can take up to 20 minutes. Not only does the Level Meter give you accurate liquid level measurements under actual well conditions, it saves significant time and money.