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Drawdown and Water Level Meter for Low-Flow Sampling | Overview

Automatic Water Drawdown Control for Low-Flow Sampling

Limiting drawdown is one of the basic requirements of proper low-flow sampling. The MicroPurge® MP30 (U.S. Patent Number 6,456,201) Drawdown/Water Level Meter provides a unique and simpler way to assure proper drawdown control.

The MP30 switches between two modes- as a drawdown sensor and control when connected to the MicroPurge basics controllers, and as a high quality water level meter.






MP30 Advantages

  • Provides unique MicroPurge Automatic Drawdown Control. Cable link to MicroPurge pump controller puts pumping on standby mode until the well recovers – automatically!
  • MicroPurge drawdown mode includes light and buzzer indicators to alert sampling personnel when the selected maximum drawdown point has been reached.
  • Standard water level mode includes conventional probe submergence light and buzzer indicators upon water contact.
  • Available with 150 or 300 foot (46 or 91 meter) chemical resistant polyethylene-coated tape. Metric tapes also available upon request.
  • Compact 5/8" (16 mm) diameter probe fits narrow or crowded well casings.