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Easy Fitting™ - Overview



Easy Fitting

Easy Fitting

The Easy Fitting™ Quick-release Connectors is a new type of lower-cost, quick fitting for the AutoPump® (U.S. Patent Number 5,004,405), designed for severe duty downwell conditions at landfills and remediation sites. The Easy Fitting allows the AutoPump to be quickly disconnected from its tubing and hose sets, eliminating the need to cut the tubing. Constructed of high-quality, stainless steels the Easy Fitting is designed to function well even with silt and solids present.

The New Easy Fitting from QED lowers the cost of disconnecting & reconnecting tubing when cleaning pumps

  • Faster
  • No Clamp removal/replacement
  • No need to cut the tubing shorter every time a pump is removed for cleaning

Do your field crews spend too much time and money on:

  • Cutting tubing from the pump’s barbed fittings during pump removal?
  • Removing and replacing tubing clamps?
  • Precision cutting the air, exhaust and liquid discharge tubing for proper alignment?

With Easy Fitting, tubing cutters and clamps are needed only for the initial installation

Easy Fitting - How it Works

The Trouble with Conventional Barbed Fittings

Pumps that are used in landfill gas wells and groundwater remediation wells periodically require removal for cleaning/maintenance. When the pumps are removed from the wells and disconnected from the hose/tubing, a significant amount of time is spent removing the clamp from the hose/tubing, and cutting the tubing away from the barbed fittings. Additionally, the cutting of the downwell tubing results in the tubing being shortened every time the pumps are removed from the well.

When reattaching the hose/tubing to the pumps, the three sections of hose/tubing (air supply, air exhaust and liquid discharge) must all be cut precisely to the staggered lengths needed to match the three barbed fittings on the pump.

Easy Fitting Eliminates all the Hassles

With Easy Fittings, all three lines are easily disconnected by pulling the retaining clip out, and then simply pulling the hose/tubing away from the pump. After the pump cleaning/maintenance is complete, the hose/tubing fitting is simply pushed into the pump fitting, and the retaining clip is reinserted to lock the fitting in place.

View Easy Fitting specifications

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Easy Fitting™ Advantages

  • Highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  • Easily disassembled and reassembled.
  • No need to cut the tubing shorter every time a pump is removed for cleaning