PolarGuard Insulated Wellhead Covers

Winter weather can cause many problems for landfill operators and landfill gas technicians. Sub-zero temperatures and harsh winds can lead to freezing condensation in wellheads and landfill gas hoses; affecting your gas extraction levels, slowing you down and costing you money.
Product Description
Product Description
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Protect your wellheads from the elements with the QED PolarGuard™ Insulating Wellhead Cover. Made from high quality materials and field-tested in the arctic temperatures of northern Canada, the PolarGuard™ Insulating Wellhead Cover blocks the polar winds and guards against freezing temperatures; keeping your wellheads and gas collection hoses safe and warm. The PolarGuard™ Insulating Wellhead Cover features Velcro closures and web buckle straps for quick and secure installation and Velcro access flaps allowing for easy gas monitoring and maintenance. Uninterrupted workflow is important to you and frozen condensation in your wellheads and collection hose can cause delays that you don’t need.

Key Specifications
  • Available for Quick- Change Orifice Plate and Accu-Flo pitot tube wellheads, up to 3”
  • Protect against freezing condensation
  • Durable Velcro closures and web buckle straps
  • Easy access to connections for monitoring and maintenance
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