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MicroPurge MP25 Purge Stabilization Flow Cell

QED PurgeScan™ Technology provides an easier and more accurate assurance of purge stabilization, automatically signaling when stabilization has been achieved for selected water quality parameters and saving your data file with stabilization noted. MicroPurge MP25 Flow Cell purge water quality monitor leads the field in performance, convenience, completeness and warranty.
Product Description
Product Description
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The new MicroPurge® MP25 Flow Cell system makes consistent low flow ground water sampling easy and accurate. Exclusive PurgeScan™ technology monitors purging parameter and performs the stabilization automatically. PurgeScan Android based software compares readings with previously recorded values, determining when they fall within user-defined criteria. The included Trending function makes sure purging parameters aren’t moving upward or downward in a distinct trend, helping to avoid “false stabilization” and assure that purging is truly completed, as defined in ASTM Standard D6771-18. The MicroPurge® MP25 Flow Cell system measures electrical conductivity (specific conductance), pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen and temperature and calculated values such as total dissolved solids (TDS), salinity and oxygen saturation; the MP25T system adds turbidity measurement. Sensor calibration is fast and easy and the sensors are highly stable, so calibration holds under use. The multi-parameter sonde connects wirelessly to most Android tablets and smart phones using a long-life rechargeable Bluetooth battery pack. Housed in a rugged, waterproof case that doubles as a measurement and calibration workbench in the field, the system includes: multi-parameter sonde and flow cell, Bluetooth battery pack, 3m waterproof cable, sensor guard and calibration/storage cup, field calibration stand, a range of quick-connect barb fittings to fit most common pump discharge tubing sizes, flexible flow cell tubing and sensor solutions for DO and reference sensors (calibration standard solutions are sold separately).

Key Specifications
  • Exclusive PurgeScan™ technology
  • Exclusive Trending function
  • Bluetooth connectivity via Android
  • Optical DO sensor technology
  • Long-life sensors with 3-year warranty
  • Data logging with automatic stabilization indicator on log file
  • Flow-engineered low volume flow cell (170-210 mL)
  • Optional MP25T Turbidity measurement system
  • Lets you know when purging is completed
  • Identify hidden trends in in purging parameters
  • Real time control and monitoring of sonde operation
  • Data logging with Well ID file capability
  • Eliminate routine maintenance associated with polarographic DO cells
  • Automatically displays all readings: pH, ORP, temperature, conductivity, DO, and turbidity (optional)
  • Significantly lowers maintenance costs
  • Fast response to changes in purge water quality, even at low-flow purge rates
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Key Specifications
  • Crystal-clear rigid urethane flow cell for easy view of sensors
  • Operating Temperature Range 23-122F (-5 - 50C)
  • Battery life up to 20 hours
  • 210 ml volume flow cell (MP25)
  • 170 ml volume flow cell (MP25T)
  • Quick-change barb fittings
  • Vertical or horizontal operating orientation
  • Bayonet style twist mount sonde connection
  • Sonde dimensions - MP25: 1.95" x 17.5"
  • Sonde dimensions - MP25T: 2.95" x 17.5"
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