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Snap Sampler® Passive Groundwater Sampler
Parts & Tools



Snap Sampler Replacement Parts

Part Number Description
SNAP-TOC-S Top and bottom connectors for Snap Sampler Modules, twist-on, white acetal plastic
SNAP-TOC-D Double-ended twist-on connector for attaching two SNAP modules, white acetal plastic
SNAP-TOC-SCREWS Replacement white screws and nuts for Snap Sampler module connectors
SNAP-125-RPS Three piece blue Release Pin Set for SNAP-125-350
SNAP-40-RPS Three piece blue Release Pin Set for SNAP-40
SNAP-CC-SP1 Spectra (non-metallic) connector cable for SNAP-40 and SNAP-125-350
SNAP-CC-SP2 Spectra (non-metallic) connector cable for SNAP-PA
SNAP-CC-SS Stainless ball-end cable for connecting release pin system between Snap Sampler modules
SNAP-BLUESCREW Replacement blue screw for Snap Sampler modules.



Snap Sampler Tools

Part Number Description
SNAP-PA-WRENCH Captive wrench tool for tightening the air fitting on SNAP-PA
SNAP-DRIVER Blue Snap Sampler screwdriver tool
SNAP-CLIPPER Snap Sampler Cap cutter tool
SNAP-SRKIT Screw repair kit for Snap Sampler Modules, includes pilot bit, thread tap and six replacement blue screws



pdfSnap Sampler Datasheet1.01 MB

pdfSnap Sampler Graphic Ordering Sheet260.14 KB

pdfThe Snap Sampler Method471.62 KB

xlsxSnap Sampler Well Details Worksheet20.3 KB