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Snap Sampler® Passive Groundwater Sampler



Snap Sampler modules,
Twist-on connectors,
Release pins, Blue screws,
Pneumatic actuator assemblies
Acetal/Glass-filled Acetal
Bottles Glass or HDPE
Snap Caps PFA
Bottle Spring 302 Stainless Steel with PFA Coating
O-rings FKM (Viton) or Buna-N (Nitrile)
Trigger tubing HDPE
Trigger cable 302 Stainless with Nylon Coating



SNAP-40 for VOA Vials 1.7 in (4.3 cm) OD, 7.8 in (19.8 cm) Length
SNAP-125-350 for HDPE bottles 1.7 in (4.3 cm) OD, 10.5 in (27.7 cm) Length
W/ 125 ml bottle installed: 1.88 in (4.8 cm) OD
W/ 350ml bottle installed: 3.4 in (8.6 cm) OD
SNAP-PA, Pneumatic Actuator 1.74 in (4.4 cm) OD, 12.5 in (31.8 cm)
SNAP-WellCap2 Fits 2 in (50 mm) nominal PVC pipe,
4.3 in (10.9 cm) overall diameter;
requires 1.5 in (3.8 cm) vertical clearance
SNAP-WellCap4 Fits 4 in (100 mm) nominal PVC pipe,
6.5 in (16.5 cm) overall diameter;
requires 1.5 in (3.8 cm) vertical



pdfSnap Sampler Datasheet1.01 MB

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