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In-line Groundwater Sampling Filter Overview

QuickFilter® cartridges are the original ground water sampling filter for field use, developed to meet the stringent purity requirements of sensitive ground water quality monitoring programs. When sample filtration is required, disposable QuickFilter cartridges are easier to use, faster, and provide more consistent results than other filtration methods. When used directly in-line with a proper sampling pump, QuickFilters cartridges provide additional benefits of eliminating sample alteration due to air contact and/or sample quality changes with time and temperature.

Over the past 20 years, QED has used its experience and customer feedback to improve and refine QuickFilters cartridges and continue to lead the market in performance and value. QuickFilters cartridges include premium polyethersulphone membrane-type filtration media and special support materials to deliver the 3 features vital to ground water sample filtration:

  • maximum flow capacity, based on membrane type and surface area
  • accurate particle size cutoff, to deliver consistent filtrate quality even in highly turbid waters
  • assured purity to avoid possible sample contamination

Cartridge filters may look alike, but be careful to compare media type, surface area and the fine print of the purity verification program. Only QuickFilter delivers the full premium package, at no extra charge.