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Snap Sampler® Passive Groundwater Sampler


Snap Sampler Passive Groundwater Sampler

The Snap Sampler® System Provides High Sample Accuracy and Reduces Costs

Passive groundwater sampling is an effective alternative to purging and sampling in many applications, and is the best choice for low-yield wells and applications like deep wells with very short water columns that are challenging applications for pump systems. The Snap Sampler® passive sampling system (U.S. Patent 7,178,415) – winner of the NGWA’s Equipment Design Award for safety, efficiency and ease of operation – offers many advantages over other passive and no-purge sampling devices.

The Snap Sampler employs unique sample bottles that are open at both ends with “snap” sealing caps. The bottles are loaded into dedicated Snap Sampler modules and deployed in each well to the preselected sampling depth. After deployment and equilibration of the water inside the bottles with the water in the well screen, a manual trigger line or pneumatic actuator is used to release the snap caps and capture samples under in-situ conditions. The modules then are retrieved from the well and the bottles removed for shipment to the laboratory, with the ability to add preservative to each bottle if desired right through the snap cap without opening the bottles. The modules can then be redeployed with a new set of bottles and can be left in place for days, weeks, months, even a year or more before the next sampling event.

Passive sampling with the Snap Sampler system eliminates well purging labor and purge water management or disposal. There’s no need for compressors, generators or control boxes, no engine exhaust fumes, no handling of gasoline and oil in the field, no set up or calibration of flow cell instruments. Samples can be collected by one person without the need for field vehicles carrying equipment and water tanks to the site.


Best available technology for passive groundwater sampling

The Snap Sampler system has several advantages over other passive and no-purge sampling devices. Unlike passive diffusion bags that are limited to sampling for a small set of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the Snap Sampler system collects a whole water sample that can be analyzed for any parameter – VOCs, SVOCs, metals other inorganic parameters, pesticides and nutrients. The sample accuracy and precision surpasses that of no-purge sampling devices that can cause low VOC recovery and suffer from elevated sample turbidity that can bias sample results. Samples are always collected from the same position in the well screen each time, and the bottles are always completely filled when the modules are fully submerged. And, unlike any other sampling system, sample integrity is protected all the way from collection on site through analysis in the laboratory, without exposure to air or potential contaminants.

Snap Sampler bottles are available in three sizes: glass 40 ml VOA vial size and HDPE 125 ml and 350 ml sizes. The 40 ml and 125 ml bottles fit into 2” or larger monitoring wells; 350 ml bottles can be used in 4” and larger wells. The 40ml VOA vial can be used directly in standard laboratory autosampler equipment- no special handling is required by the lab. The plastic bottles are ideal for larger volume collection or for metals or other analytes where plastic is preferred over glass.

There are two models of Snap Sampler modules – one holds the 40 mL VOA bottles and the other holds either a 125 mL or 350 mL plastic bottle.  Up to six modules can be connected in any combination and deployed at the desired sampling depth within the well screen interval. There’s no depth limitation with the Snap Sampler system - samples have been collected at depths greater than 2,000 feet (600 m).



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Snap Sampler Advantages

  • Faster sampling with no purging allows more wells to be sampled in less time. Collect each sample in as little as 10 minutes.
  • No-pump, no-pour passive sampling generates no purge water waste. There are no drums or heavy equipment to carry.
  • Collects a whole water sample without analyte limitations – allows testing for all VOCs, SVOCs, metals and other parameters.
  • Samples are collected inside the well with no need to fill sample bottles at the surface, which limits the impacts of heat, wind, rain, potential for sampling contamination and off-gassing losses from the sample.
  • Changes in site conditions or personnel from event to event do not affect the collection process. Enhanced sampling consistency allows for easier and quicker determination of monitored natural attenuation or remedial effectiveness.