Snap Sampler

A passive/no-purge groundwater sampling system that saves money and improves data quality.
Product Description
Product Description
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The Snap Sampler® dedicated passive sampling system is the easiest way to collect samples for VOCs, SVOCs, PFAS metals and more. There are two models of Snap Sampler modules – one holds the 40 mL VOA bottles and the other holds either a 125, 250 or 350 mL plastic bottle. Up to six modules can be connected in any combination to fit the testing requirements for that well. There are two triggering systems--a manual trigger and a pneumatic trigger--that deploy the Snap Sampler modules to the desired sampling depth within the well screen interval. There’s no depth limitation with the Snap Sampler system - samples have been collected at depths greater than 2,000 feet (600 m). Deep sampling, low yield wells and short water column wells are especially good candidates for the Snap Sampler, but any well greater than 2" in diameter is a potential candidate.

Key Specifications
  • Faster sampling with no purging
  • Perfect for most wells- as low as 7 feet (2.1 m) to over 2000 feet (600 m)
  • No limitations on analyte testing
  • Enhanced sampling consistency
  • Samples are collected inside the well
  • No-pump, no-pour passive sampling
  • Sample more wells in less time
  • Test for all VOCs, SVOCs, metals and more
  • Quicker determination of data trends
  • Minimizes VOC loss, oxidation and sample contamination
  • No purge water waste
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Key Specifications
  • Acetal/Glass-filled Acetal modules, connectors, release pins, blue screws and actuator assembly
  • Glass or HDPE bottles
  • 302 or 316 SS Bottle springs with PFA coating (no coating on PFAS Zero)
  • FKM (Viton) O-rings
  • PFA snap caps
  • HDPE trigger tubing
  • Nylon coated 302SS manual trigger cable
  • --All components of the PFAS Zero Snap Sampler are free of any fluoropolymer or fluoroelastomer
  • --Delrin snap caps on PFAS Zero Snap Sampler
  • --EPDM O-rings on PFAS Zero Snap Sampler
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