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Automatic Skimmer Overview

For High Recovery Wells

AutoSkimmer Pump System

The AutoSkimmer™ Pump System automatically recovers LNAPL layers and pumps on demand when the pump is filled. Combining the industry-leading AutoPump with the rugged SPG floating inlet, the AutoSkimmer delivers higher LNAPL flows for wells with very high floating layer recovery rates. The system can then be switched to even higher flow, total fluids pumping by removing the floating inlet. When site conditions call for this approach, nothing beats the AutoPump/SPG inlet combination; both of these technologies have been proven in the field for many years around the world. The AutoPump mechanism means that the pump cycles only when it is filled with LNAPL, reducing air consumption without adding any additional controls or sensors. The SPG inlet includes selectable side inlet ports for versatility in fine-tuning LNAPL intake when the floating layer is reduced in thickness.

ATEX CertifiedATEX Certified

AutoSkimmer™ Advantages

  • High flow, automatic operation for recovery wells with high LNAPL recovery rates.
  • Versatile design allows floating inlet removal for conversion to total fluids pumping after the LNAPL later is largely eliminated.
  • Air-powered, intrinsically safe.
  • Built-in ON/OFF control with internal float.
  • Proven reliability and durability.