MicroPurge MP30 Drawdown and Water Level Meter

Limiting drawdown is one of the basics of MicroPurge® low-flow sampling. The MP30 Drawdown/Water Level Meter provides a new, simpler way to assure drawdown control. The MP30 performs as a drawdown sensor and control when connected to the MicroPurge basics controllers, and as a high quality water level meter. The MP30 switches between both modes. For drawdown control the meter is turned to MicroPurge mode and the probe is lowered to the point of maximum drawdown. If purging lowers the water level to the selected point, a light and buzzer on the MP30 meter are activated and the controller is signaled to enter a standby mode until the water level rises again. A separate light indicates probe submergence in both modes.
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Product Description
Product Description
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Drawdown control is now automatic with new low-flow water level meter. The MP30 (right) links to the MP10 or MP15 basics Controllers to provide continuous control of well level during low-flow purging and sampling. If the preset maximum drawdown level is reached, the MP30 signals the controller to put pumping on standby mode until the well level recovers.

Key Specifications
  • Cable link to MicroPurge pump controller
  • MicroPurge drawdown mode with light and buzzer indicators
  • Standard water level mode includes conventional probe submergence light and buzzer indicators upon water contact.
  • Available with 150 or 300 foot (46 or 91 meter) chemical resistant polyethylene-coated tape.
  • Compact 5/8" (16 mm) diameter probe
  • Cable link to MicroPurge pump controller puts pumping on standby mode until the well recovers – automatically!
  • Indicators to alert sampling personnel when the selected maximum drawdown point has been reached.
  • Standard or metric markings available to suit use
  • Fits narrow or crowded well casings.
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