Well Wizard Dedicated Groundwater Sampling Systems

Well Wizard® Bladder Pumps: The Original, Low-Flow Sampling Standard
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Product Description
Product Description
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Well Wizard® pumps for MicroPurge® low-flow groundwater sampling systems come in an unsurpassed range of sizes, materials, and capabilities, including models for deep sampling wells, narrow or obstructed casings, and small-volume pumps for low-yield monitoring wells. Together with MicroPurge controllers, flow cells, and accessories, they create the most reliable, cost-effective low-flow groundwater sampling system available. Field proven pump designs and an exclusive, high-performance PTFE bladder formulation offer the reliability critical to long-term monitoring. QED was first in the industry with a standard 10-year sampling pump warranty – "no-loopholes" protection that covers the entire pump, including the bladder.

Key Specifications
  • EPA-accepted low-flow sampling accuracy.
  • 10 year sampling pump warranty
  • Exclusive PTFE bladder formulation
  • Pumping depths to 1,000 feet (305 meters)
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