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Landfill Gas Well Caps

The first engineered gas well cap that allows liquid level readings without removing the wellhead – faster, safer, less system disruption.
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Product Description
Product Description
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QED’s innovative StabilizerTM LFG Well Caps feature a unique support ring molded directly into the Cap that aligns and stabilizes the LFG wellhead. This takes pressure off the flexible coupling and the flex hose and, along with watertight threads, reduces leaks from the wellhead. The caps are molded in a distinctive yellow*, which ensures you are receiving genuine QED well caps that also help identify and protect the entire well from damage.

Key Specifications
  • Quick-connect fittings
  • Sealing versions for use with vacuum extraction
  • Well access ports for level or other uses
  • Means for adjusting pump level
  • Barb fittings on slip cap (no vacuum) available in brass or stainless steel
  • Barb fittings on slip cap (no vacuum) available in brass or stainless steel
  • Compression fitting for pass-through hose or tubing available in nylon
  • Custom flange
  • Cap assemblies are based off 20 years of experience and thousands of installations
  • Easy assembly with leak-tight connections
  • Unmatched range of connector fittings to make installation and maintenance easier and more efficient
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